Peak Health.jpg

My Mind

Is the most powerful part of my being

I train it-

To be more powerful

Not stress

And be calm under pressure



Self love is self control

The world is full of temptation- ignore them


Carpe Diem!


Rise early

Attack the day



Low Calorie Density Foods

Less than 1 calorie per gram


Make your body work for the energy it has been created for. And live longer!


Supple Body

Live young.

Our mind knows our age. Our body doesn't.

Stress the body internally and externally to get stronger.

Neuro Muscular Tissue is the most important tissue to maintain. Gym workouts do almost nothing for this.




Live off the land

We are part of nature

Nothing should be between nature and our mouth

86% of all diseases today are because of what we knowingly put in our mouth



My Daughters

My Love

My Life



Love Nature

We are part of it