Our Relationship with Food

Food is a very powerful force in evolution. For millions of years, people did not migrate, ate the same food and genetically adapted to it.

Food is meant to sustain you. It is meant to be hard to come by.

Do NOT eat foods with a calorie density greater than 3.

Natural foods have a very low calorie density. The natives of Ryuku Islands, Japan, had a diet with 1 calorie/gram and had the highest longevity for thousands of years. In 1971, the American Navy set a base there. Their children started eating American fast food with 10 calories/gram. Their longevity crashed from 103 years to 72 years in just one generation. The sickness of Ultra-processed products.

The easiest temptation to succumb to is the allure of addictive foods. I often see obese priests of various religious sects. They train themselves to resist sexual temptations that happen once in a while. They succumb to food cravings multiple times a day. It is harder to resist food cravings than sexual cravings. The Bible has a parable. The devil tempted Jesus after he had fasted for forty days. The first temptation was food. Only after this was he tempted with wealth and vainglory. 

Food is divine or a curse. It is divine if it nourishes and builds a healthy you. It is a curse if it is addictive and causes Non Communicable Diseases (NCD).

You have a healthy or a sick relationship with food. Most people have a sick relationship with food.

  1. Have a simple wholesome personal relationship with food.
  2. Only eat unprocessed or minimally processed foods.
  3. Eat till you are 80% full. Not more.
  4. Have a default “1 week” plan for meals.
  5. Have 2-3 schedules in your week to go to the grocery store, or farmer’s market, to buy fresh food.
  6. Don’t put in your mouth what has not been prepared by you or someone you trust.
  7. Always have a blend of nuts/dried fruits handy to munch on. It prevents hunger pangs and temptations.
  8. See urges for junk food as a temptation and a test of your mind power. Resist it and reach for your nut/dried fruit blend.
  9. Dont have anything in your hand when you chew. No food, no cutlery. Enjoy what you are chewing. You will chew more, eat more slowly, feel full and eat less.
  10. Eat out of small plates.
Bomi Joseph