"Show up!" and health is easy

I have been waking up at 5AM every morning, and training, ever since I was 14— Without fail. I show up every morning. It is meditation in motion. Alone and peaceful.

When I was 20 people thought I was a nut.

At 30, even my mother was muttering "his routine has never changed".

At 40, I started being called "unique". Because no one else showed up. People younger than me were visibly aging and out of shape.

At 50, universities, research institutes and hospitals started studying me.

At 58, I fought in "The Fighters Cup" knockdown tournament arranged by Oyama Karate in San Francisco, CA. The 24 year old I had just mangled asked me, dumbfounded, "How are you such good shape"? "I have 34 years more practice than you", I replied.

I am not exceptional. I have been showing up everyday. Thats the difference. I have kept developing. Everyone else has decayed. 

Bomi Joseph