Cultivating Health

The Importance of Taking Small Steps to Improve Your Health, Starting Today 

Growing a plant from seed is my favorite analogy for cultivating good health. 

You plant the seed. It helps if it has good genetics.  A good environment of fertile soil & adequate sunlight will also make a big difference. 

A plant requires time to germinate and start growing. There's no hurrying it, so you must be patient. And while that plant is growing, it needs an optimal amount of water and a certain amount of nutrient.  Too much water or excess fertilizer will kill it. 

It needs just a little bit of the right stuff at the right time. 

The most important thing to raise a healthy plant is consistency. If it needs to be watered once every few days, then just give it that. If it needs a little fertilizer, give it just that. Then you need to be patient and let the process unfold by itself. 

 The end result of consistency and moderation is a plentiful harvest. And even when you get a bounty of richness, there is a lot of work involved to collect the harvest and process it. 

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How to Create an Abundant Harvest of Good Health

Human beings also require an optimal quantity & quality of nutrition and exercise… plus time… in order to develop and thrive.

The four things I consider most important for cultivating good personal health are:

  1. Good habits – nutrition, sleep, exercise & confident thinking

  2. Consistency – practicing your good habits at regular intervals

  3. Time – sticking with it for the long haul

  4. Trust – believing your body is programmed for health & you can unlock its full potential

What makes for an abundant harvest of good health is having consistent habits, planning ahead and having trust. You have to trust that if you do just the right things, over time you will reap a bountiful “harvest” of strength and wellness.

When I train people, I tell them that if you're weak and want to get strong in one month, I can't help you. But if you come and train with me regularly – and you trust the process – you'll become supremely powerful. It may take 3 to 5 years, but I have developed thousands of incredibly powerful men and women. You just have to trust the process of health.

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Common but Costly Health Mistakes

What doesn't work is inconsistency, poor quality and trying to hastily fix what you have neglected

Here’s what you should avoid:

  1. Inconsistency – not sticking with proper nutrition, training and good habits

  2. Avoidance – “putting your head in the sand,” not facing your weaknesses & bad habits

  3. Lack of Preparation – if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail

  4. Paranoia – laser focusing on what can go wrong instead of everything else that’s alright

  5. Spending too much – throwing money at health problems, late, rarely works

  6. Overexertion – training or “trying too hard” leads to diminishing returns

If you neglect to water a plant and it withers and dies… and a month later you buy expensive fertilizer and pour a truckload of water on it, it won't come back to life.

Cultivating good health is easy. If you do the right thing at the right time, it just comes. It just blossoms. 

Correcting bad health is extremely difficult – and expensive. People don't do the proper ‘little things’ their whole life, and then when their health is falling apart… they desperately spend a fortune on all the latest drugs and surgeries.  This is how the medical establishment thrives, but this very rarely works. 

  It's much better to start taking small steps towards health now…  today… rather than not doing it.  

The world is full of opportunists waiting to separate you from your money. They tell you they have a new fad, new diet, new pill or a new widget to make you healthier, faster and better. They try to sell you something that can overcome what you didn't do. 

 But the truth is: there are no quick fixes. 

 If you start doing things early, you are always far better off. 

 And it's not hard.  It just takes a few minutes a day.

Consistency Is Better Than Intensity
— Dr. Bomi Joseph

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Your body improves more with consistency than intensity. 

If you want to work out for 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon because that’s your day off - forget about it. You're better off exercising 30 minutes a day for 6 days. Why do we eat 3 times per day and not have one big feast once a week? Because that's how nature built us. That's how we were genetically programmed over millions of years: we wandered around and ate fresh food sporadically as we found it.

 We should try to mimic the flow of nature by exercising regularly in moderate amounts, not extremes or marathons. We must eat natural and fresh food moderately & regularly.

 It's important to do the small, free things, to improve your health now. 

You can't fix your health with money or intervention later on: it's always too late.

Bomi Joseph