A state of peace and health.


I am one of the healthiest person measured.
I am getting healthier every year.
It is not age that weathers us. 
Sloth, stress, neglect, pollutants and impure food degrade our health over time.

I follow the “Law of Nature”. My body has the ability to heal itself.

I  am what I repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit.

I trust my body. If I don’t use it I will lose it.  
Consistent training wins over Intensity.

A healthy body is the foundation of a powerful mind. 
A strong body doesn’t mean a powerful mind.  A weak body can never develop a powerful mind. 

Train a strong body. Train a strong mind. 


Mental strength is the key to health and longevity. Common traits among centenarians are positive thinking, resilience, adaptability to change, strong bond with family and nature, high activity- both at work and on the land, high self confidence and decisiveness.

Self discipline is self love. I cannot exercise my way out of an eating problem.  

I don’t fall for short term gimmicks. They are inevitably unhealthy.

The world is full of misinformation. I tune out what is being peddled. I tune into myself.

I avoid unhealthy habits. If I need chronic medication, I use "Phytoceuticals" instead of "Pharmaceuticals".

My Neuro Muscular Tissue is the most expensive tissue for my body to maintain. Its the first thing I lose. I train it to retain my supple youth.