Joint mobility

The hip is the largest joint in the body. It is the axis of the human.

When humans lose joint mobility and strength, they age and wither.

Regain strength and mobility in the hips to regain youth.


Spatial mobility

Children spin around in all directions easily. We lose this ability as we get older.

Spatial mobility drills coax back dexterity. We connect billion more neurons to our tissues and reverse aging.


Footwork drills 

The human body is designed for motion. Our footwork drills encompass every way the body can move. It drills health, wellness and motion into life.



Static strength

True strength is the ability to hold the human body comfortably in a position of duress.

Holding the body still at the low point of a push-up or a high point of a pull-up, develops strength in the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. 



Power breathing, explosion and the "low bell" training curve

Explosion of the body comes from continuous acceleration. Maintaining acceleration is quite difficult and requires specialized training.

Most training methods overtrain the body. One of the best, but least understood, training method is the "basal" low-intensity-high-repetition technique.

Powerful breathing powers life. It doesn't just happen. The lungs and intercostal muscles have to be powered by regular "Power Breathing" workouts.