"Show up!”


show up...

I have been training at 5AM, every morning, ever since I was 14. WITHOUT FAIL! It’s my meditation in motion. Alone and peaceful.

At 20, people thought I was a nut.

At 30, my relatives were muttering "his routine has never changed.”

At 40, I started being called "unique".

At 50, universities & research institutes started studying me.

At 58, I fought in "The Fighters Cup" knockdown tournament, arranged by Oyama Karate, in San Francisco. The 24 year old I had just mangled asked me dumbfounded, "How are you such good shape"? "I have 34 years more practice than you", I replied.

I am not exceptional. I have been showing up everyday. Thats the difference. I have kept developing. Everyone else has decayed.