I tried to keep up with Dr. Joseph. I failed miserably. He is a dynamo of energy and he is not even trying. He lives in a state of calm but I saw him smash a baseball bat with his shin. It is hard to describe this storm from a man with a perpetual smile.
— Bob Mamis, Inc. Magazine.

Thank you for your time, advice, comfort and support when I had very little of it.
— Steve Jobs, Apple Comp., 1989

Very mischievous. Very confident. Very sharp. A treat to teach and to know.
— Colyer Crum, Professor, HBS

I was dying and you gave me hope now I can live. Spend more time with my family.
— Julie McCue, 8/6/16

He is the horse you ride if you want to succeed
— Jack Trout, Author

Dr Bomi Joseph is the true Renaissance man. Entrepreneur, successful businessperson and founder, nutritional and health expert and top Dan martial arts instructor. He provides unique insights and deep understanding into how we behave, maintain health and balance our lives.
— Christian Thwaites, Brouwer & Janachowski

mwash52 Dr Joseph gave me a Endo Martial Yoga workout that showed me what real strength is. He is a true “Shathriya”.
— Marvin Washington, NFL (Jets, 49ers, Broncos)